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We are committed to provide the best quality yet good price liquid cooling plate

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Experienced Staff

Our engineer has over 10 years experience in liquid cooling plate design, our workers are with us over 8 years.

Best Equipment

Leading industry extrusion machine, CNC machine, friction stir welding machine, brazing oven etc.

Reasonable Price

We guarantee the good quality yet reasonable price to boost your business.

Certified Company

ISO9001, ISO14001 & IATF16949 certification

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Our Successful Liquid Cooling Plate Project

Welcome to PT Heatsink, the company where quality meets innovation in liquid cooling solutions. As the market-leading custom cold plate supplier, we focus on manufacturing and providing customizable liquid cooling systems made of especially high-grade materials. Our commitment to quality has earned us the reputation of one of the leaders in the industry trusted by customers worldwide.

We are committed to providing an expert cooling plate thermal solution service. Free estimates are waiting for you!
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Send your design parameter if need design, or the drawing package for manufacturing.

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Professional sales & engineer discuss with you about the process, tolerance, schedule etc.

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Our Liquid Cooling Plates Solutions Include

Tailored Designs for Diverse Applications

PT Heatsink’s custom cold plates can be used in the most diverse sectors, ranging from data centers up to medical devices and even the automotive and aerospace industries. Our liquid cooling plates are engineered to handle a great deal of heat flux powerfully, making your devices run optimally and reliably. Each design is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of these varied applications, ensuring exceptional thermal management no matter the challenge.

Advanced Liquid Cooling Technologies

We use up-to-date technologies including the manufacturing of liquid cooling plates that allow a superb cooling performance. Our plates consist of an elaborated design that transmits maximum heat through the drain while also reducing pressure strokes, making them suitable for tough operations. These technologies are continually refined to enhance efficiency and adapt to new challenges in heat management across all industries.

Quick and Responsive Production

Understanding the urgency of thermal management, we deliver quick prototyping and production within a short time. This guarantees that our clients get their specialized liquid cold plates in the shortest possible time, but also quicker product development and shortened time to market. Our streamlined production processes and expert team ensure that from design to delivery, your cooling solutions are developed with precision and speed.

How We Work

Custom Cold Plate Working Process

You can find our working process for different cold plate: Vacuum brazed liquid cold plate, Radiator cold plate, Tig/Atmosphere cold plate, Tube embedded cold plate,  Friction Stir Welding (FSW) cold plate & Gun drill cold plate

How We Inspect

Custom Liquid Cold Plate Inspection Capability

Water-immersion  Ultrasonic Scan 
Helium inspection
Helium inspection
High pressure inspection
High pressure inspection
Flow channel cleaning
Flow channel cleaning
Thermal and pressure drop testing
Thermal and pressure drop testing
Vacuum drying​
Vacuum drying
Pressure maintaining testing
Pressure maintaining testing
All testing equipment is equipped with QR code scanning gun

More Than just a Heat Sink Manufacturer

Why Choose PT Heatsink?

Own Factory

91000 square feet primary facility with leading industry equipment, not only we can provide you the competitive price, but also support you with flexibility manufacturing planning to ensure deliver heat sink to you on time.

Experienced Staff

Our engineer has over 10 years experience in heat sink industry, our workers are with us over 8 years, our sales are 24/7 standby to solve your problem.

custom thermal design solutions
Heatsink Design

Our R&D engineers are bachlor degree and finished 500+ heat sink & cooling plate project design, 97% build prototype and 85% introduce to mass production.

Manufacturing Proposal

We always provide design for manufacturability (DFM) to customer when we make a quote based on the drawing.

Logistic Support

We offer courier, sea freight & air freight transportation to deliver your project, ex-works, FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP, whatever inco-terms works for you, we are happy with it.

heat sink manufacturer timely delivery
Certified Factory&QA

ISO9001, ISO14001 & IATF16949 certified, RoHS & REACH compliance. Certified QA and comprehensive quality system to make sure you get the premier quality heat sink.


Our Commitment to Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

Our dedicated team offers comprehensive support throughout the design and manufacturing process. We make sure that each liquid cooling plate carries out an exact design that delivers the best cooling solution for your applications.

At PT Heatsink, our commitment extends beyond the sale. We are committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience, offering our continuous help to ensure our clients are satisfied with every product.

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Seasoned Expert

Bachelor degree engineer team with 10+ years experience in heat sink industry, 3K+ design finished successfully.

Competitive Price

91000 square feet primary facility to offer you the competitive price but quality heat sink.

Premium Support

Professional sales provide seamless communication