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Leading industry extrusion machine, CNC machine, friction stir welding machine, brazing oven etc.

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Our Successful Liquid Cooling Plate Project

Custom Cold Plate is for very high power (high heat dissipation) applications where conventional cooling is just not enough. In today’s most demanding applications, liquid cooling has become the choice of designers striving to manage the rising heat loads of high power electronics. Whether it’s lasers, wind power generation, medical equipment, transportation or military electronics, liquid cold plates offer performance advantages over air cooled solutions in high watt density applications.

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How We Work

Liquid Cooling Plate Working Process

You can find our working process for different cold plate: Vacuum brazed liquid cold plate, Radiator cold plate, Tig/Atmosphere cold plate, Tube embedded cold plate,  Friction Stir Welding (FSW) cold plate & Gun drill cold plate

How We Inspect

Custom Liquid Cold Plate Inspection Capability

Water-immersion  Ultrasonic Scan 
Helium inspection
Helium inspection
High pressure inspection
High pressure inspection
Flow channel cleaning
Flow channel cleaning
Thermal and pressure drop testing
Thermal and pressure drop testing
Vacuum drying​
Vacuum drying
Pressure maintaining testing
Pressure maintaining testing
All testing equipment is equipped with QR code scanning gun

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91000 square feet primary facility to offer you the competitive price but quality heat sink.

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