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PT heatsink is one of the best heatpipe heat sink manufacturer in China, we provide the most complete thermal solution with decades of experiences

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PT heatsink is one of the best custom heatpipe manufacturer in China, we provide the most complete thermal solution with decades of design and manufacturing experiences



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Some Heatpipe Heat Sink Project

Heat pipes are a transport mechanism to move heat from the hot source to an area where the heat can be dissipated. One of the most important reasons why heat pipes and other heat exchangers have remained so popular is because of the significant ways in which they transform electrical cooling and thermal management for most common applications. For example, by transferring heat within a heat pipe assembly instead of using air conditioning to blast heat with chilled air, companies can save significant amounts of money on energy costs, space on electrical cooling equipment, and time on system maintenance or repair. They also help companies improve productivity by streamlining operations and reducing interruptions and downtime.

Pioneer Thermal designs and manufactures a wide range of custom thermal management solutions using heat pipes and heat sinks to solve today’s complicated thermal management problems. The variety of custom heat pipe assembly solutions that PT heatsinks specializes in include, but are not limited to:

Thermal path

Pipe thru fin

Slim cold plate

Heat pipe integrated heat sinks

Mini modular fan coolers


Furthermore, PT heatsink’s Custom HeatPipe Assembly solutions allow engineers greater flexibility in heat sink size, geometry, weight, and/or layout of their system components; all without sacrificing system performance.

Heatpipe Design Guide

When you need to design a new heatpipe heat sink, use below design guide, or talk to our design expert to help you.

Width of Flatten (Straight pipe)
Diameter Φ3 Φ4 Φ5 Φ6 Φ8
Thickness 2.0-3.0mm 2.0-4.0mm 2.0-5.0mm 2.0-6.0mm 2.0-8.0mm
T=8.0mm N/A N/A N/A N/A 8.0
T=6.0mm N/A N/A N/A 6.0 9.45
T=5.0mm N/A N/A 5.0 6.8 10.00
T=4.0mm N/A 4.0 5.7 7.4 10.6
T=3.5mm N/A 4.5 6.1 7.7 10.85
T=3.0mm 3.00 4.80 6.40 8.00 11.20
T=2.5mm 3.50 5.00 6.60 8.20 11.40
T=2.0mm 3.70 5.30 6.90 8.50 11.70
Bending radius and angle
Diameter Φ4 Φ5 Φ6 Φ8 Φ10 Φ12
Minimum bend radius(mm) 8 10 12 16 24 35
Suggested bend radius(mm) 12 15 18 24 30 38.5
Minimum bending angle >90°
Suggested bending angle >120°

Thin Heat Pipe Structure Design Reference

Thin Heat Pipe Application


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