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Welcome to PT Heatsink – Your Ultimate Destination for Advanced Thermal Solutions in Automobiles. From Brazing Cold Plates engineered for precision to Tube Embedded Cold Plates ensuring peak thermal efficiency and Friction Stir Welding Cold Plates for unrivaled durability, we redefine automotive thermal management. Choose us for cutting-edge technology, expert design services, and a commitment to excellence.

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PT heatsink is one of the leading heat sink manufacturer for storage energy in China, we provide the most complete thermal solution with decades of design and manufacturing experiences

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Cold Plates for Automobile Industry

In automotive engineering, cold plate manufacturing employs diverse techniques for efficient thermal management.

Brazing Cold Plate

Brazing joins metals using a molten filler material, creating robust structures for efficient heat transfer.

Tube-Embedded Cold Plate

Tube-embedded cold plates incorporate tubing for fluid circulation, optimizing heat dissipation. They are commonly used in vital automotive components like electronics and batteries.

Friction Stir Welding Cold Plate

Friction stir welding cold plates use a solid-state welding process to ensure strong, heat-resistant bonds. This method is ideal for critical thermal management applications in automobiles.

Vacuum brazing cooling plate process

Brazing Cold Plate in Automobiles

Unveil the Precision of PT Heatsink’s Brazing Cold Plates, Engineered for Automotive Excellence. Designed to meet the stringent demands of both trucks and electric vehicles (EVs), our Brazing Cold Plates redefine thermal management for optimal performance and reliability.

Crafted with precision brazing techniques, our cold plates optimize heat conductivity, ensuring efficient heat dissipation. This enhances the longevity and performance of thermal systems in trucks and contributes to sustained efficiency in electric vehicles.

Meticulously engineered for rugged demands, our cold plates provide robust durability. Whether in the challenging conditions of trucks or the dynamic environment of EVs, these plates deliver a dependable cooling solution, crucial for heavy-duty applications and extended journeys.

Specifically designed to thrive in automotive environments, our Brazing Cold Plates are customized for the unique thermal challenges of both trucks and electric vehicles. This tailored approach ensures reliable cooling performance under diverse conditions, contributing to the overall efficiency of your automotive fleet.

PT Heatsink’s Brazing Cold Plates redefines automotive thermal management with precision, durability, and tailored solutions. Count on our plates for peak performance and longevity, whether on highways or in electric vehicles, ensuring cutting-edge thermal solutions that elevate efficiency and reliability across your automotive spectrum.

Tube Embedded Cold Plate in Automobiles

Experience Peak Thermal Efficiency with PT Heatsink’s Tube Embedded Cold Plates, meticulously crafted for outstanding performance in both Trucks and Electric Vehicles (EVs). Our innovative design ensures superior heat dissipation, setting a new standard for automotive thermal management.

Achieve optimal heat dissipation, enhancing the performance and durability of both trucks and EVs. Our Tube Embedded Cold Plates excel in efficient heat transfer, addressing the unique demands of diverse automotive applications.

Engineered with a compact design, these cold plates maximize space utilization without compromising efficiency. Ideal for trucks and EVs, this design ensures effective cooling while optimizing valuable space within the thermal system.

Tailored for a range of cooling applications, our Tube Embedded Cold Plates offer versatility. From critical engine components in trucks to battery systems in EVs, these plates adapt seamlessly to diverse cooling needs, streamlining thermal management.

PT Heatsink’s Tube Embedded Cold Plates lead automotive thermal solutions with efficient heat transfer, space-optimized design, and versatile cooling for trucks and electric mobility. Elevate your automotive fleet’s performance and reliability with our cutting-edge thermal technology, transcending conventional cooling systems. Choose PT Heatsink for innovation that pushes boundaries.

Tube embedded cold plate process
High power water cold plate

Friction Stir Welding Cold Plate in Automobiles

Experience Unrivaled Durability and Efficiency with PT Heatsink’s Friction Stir Welding Cold Plates, Engineered for Superior Performance in Trucks and Electric Vehicles (EVs). Our state-of-the-art Friction Stir Welding technology establishes a new standard in automotive thermal management, ensuring robust joints for lasting reliability.

Whether in trucks or EVs, our Friction Stir Welding Cold Plates boast unmatched joint strength, enhancing overall durability. This robust construction ensures resilience under demanding conditions, contributing to the longevity of the thermal system.

Engineered for optimal thermal conductivity, these cold plates excel in efficient heat dissipation. This is crucial for both trucks and EVs, where enhanced cooling contributes to sustained performance, even during prolonged journeys and heavy-duty operations.

Built to thrive in diverse environments, our Friction Stir Welding Cold Plates provide adaptability to extreme temperatures and vibrations. This adaptability ensures consistent cooling performance, making them ideal for the demanding conditions of trucks and electric vehicles alike.

PT Heatsink’s Friction Stir Welding Cold Plates redefine auto thermal management with superior strength, optimal conductivity, and adaptability. Whether in trucks or electric vehicles, our plates ensure durability, reliability, and efficient heat dissipation. Choose PT Heatsink for groundbreaking technology setting new benchmarks in thermal management for your entire automotive fleet.

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custom thermal design solutions
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