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From heat sink design to prototype build to production run, look no further than PT heatsink

Who we are

Delivering advanced level thermal solution

PT heatsink is one of the leading custom heat sink manufacturer in China, we are commited to provide one-stop thermal solution service around the world, with our advanced thermal technology, reliable manufacturing process and excellent quality system.


Our 91,000 square foot facility facilities in China provide world-class products and pricing for higher volume designs, we have established a systematic production process from CNC machining, extrusion, stamping, cold forging, die casting, skiving fin, heat pipe assembly, water cooling plate, Friction Stir Welding, vapor chamber, heat sink assembly, inspection to packaging.

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What we do

We design and produce heat sink to solve thermal challenges



01. Design

We can make a new heat sink & cooling plate design based on customer's thermal inputs, by using CREO, Solidworks, PROE, UG.
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02. Simulation

We make thermal simulation based on the design by using Flotherm, EFD, Icepak, Ansys.
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03. Fabrication

We build prototype to verify the design and thermal performance.
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Customer Validation

04. Customer Validation

Customer verify the heat sink & cooling plate assembly and thermal performance
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Pre-series production

05. Pre-series production

We make small batches to get ready for serial production
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Series Production

06. Series Production

We deliver top quality heat sink & cooling plate to our customers
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The most complete thermal solution with decades of experiences

In the past 20 years, PT heatsink has completed 3K+ design and built 22M+ parts, mainly used in Automotive, New Energy, Photovoltaic, Server, Telecommunications, LED, Project etc.

We are certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and serving customers all over the world, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

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Trusted by world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

PT heatsink is trusted by small enterprise and world-class brands, welcome you to be a part of them.

Custom heat sink manufacturer & supplier in China

Your one-stop heat sink manufacturer in China

Rich experience in simple and complex heat sink & cooling plate manufacturing and design
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Our Project

Awesome Project

Extrusion Heat Sink

Extrusion heat sink is light weight and cost-effective, various surface finishing is applicable, suitable for high volume projects.

Heatpipe Heat Sink

Heat pipe heat sink provides a better way of dissipating the heat to be able to maintain the desired working temperature.

Die Cast Heat Sink

Die cas heatsink has the highest productivity, suitable for mass production, due to the high-speed filling, short filling time and fast operation cycle speed.

Cold Forged Heat Sink

Pin fin heat sinks typically have a high thermal conductivity and a low density, which makes them ideal for use in applications where weight is a concern.

Water Cooling Plate

Liquid cold plates are typically made from copper or aluminum, it has a high specific heat capacity and can dissipate large amounts of heat.

Vapor Chamber

A vapor chamber is a key component of cooling systems used in electronic devices. It consists of a flat, sealed chamber containing a small amount of liquid, typically water or a specialized coolant
PT heatsink is the most professional and best heat sink manufacturer in China I worked so far, I send my design, they will point out where the problem is and help to improve.
Dyas Kardinal
Dyas Kardinal
Design Engineer
I like PT heatsink very much, they always deliver the heat sink with perfect quality and in time.
Team 4
Puri Maha
PT heatsink is always provide good suggestion to make my parts cost-effective, easy manufacturing yet meet the thermal heat sink requirement. And they deliver what they promised, no compromise.
Team 1
Kumto Warming
Inverter parts manager

what our client say about our Works ?

PT heatsink are very cooperative, when a new project begins, I schedule two meetings with them every week to discuss all the open topics , they always prepared the information very well to expediate the meeting time and project schedule.
Team 2
Elsa Verina
Project manager
I worked with PT heatsink supplier decades ago when I started my own business, they are very supportive even my business was small at beginning. Now my business grows a lot with their good price and outstanding quality.
Team 5
Kevin Smith
Whatever complex project I have, or whatever tight tolerance I request, I can always discuss with PT heatsink and reach an agreement, they make my job easier.
Team 6
Harumi Tasya
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Let’s solve the thermal challenges with expert

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91000 square feet primary facility to offer you the competitive price but quality heat sink.

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