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At PT heatsink, we specialize in providing high-quality thermal management solutions that are custom-made to comply with the sophisticated requirements of the ever moving technological developments. Our company is an custom aluminium heat sink manufacturer with a team of professionals from the industry that combines innovation and accuracy to manufacture heat sinks that are not only efficient but also enhance devices performance.

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Aluminium Heat Sink Extrusion Design Parameter

Machine Tonnage Diagonal Line Limit Fin Height/Fin Gap
600T <120mm 24
880T <130mm 24
1000T <150mm 22
1500T <180mm 22
1800T <200mm 21
2500T <230mm 21
2750T <250mm 21
3000T <320mm 20
3600T <350mm 20
4000T <400mm 20
6500T <540mm 19
8000T <700mm 16

Our Custom Aluminium Heat Sink Extrusion Solutions Include

Innovative Thermal Management Technologies

Whether it’s a narrow fin solution or a vapor chamber, our company adopts the latest thermal technologies. Our expert engineering team specializes in the fabrication of extruded aluminium heat sinks that provide optimal heat dissipation, enhancing the longevity of your devices. We keep searching for the latest innovations to integrate highly efficient cooling systems like phase change materials and liquid cooling to achieve a superior thermal performance across different applications.


Efficient Manufacturing Processes

Our streamlined manufacturing processes help us deliver on time but also meet the required quality standards. From design to production, we prioritize efficiency to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Through adopting modern high tech manufacturing technologies and lean production approach, we guarantee minimal waste and maximum productivity, that in turn helps us to balance the cost-effectiveness and the high standards of quality for our extruded aluminium heat sinks.

Quality Assurance

All Aluminium heat sinks from PT Heat Sink go through strict testing and quality control system standards to exceed global standards. Our commitment to quality is unwavering because we understand the vital role of our products in your systems. Each heat sink goes through rigorous testing from selection of material to packaging, making sure consistency of quality and reliability is achieved. We also comply with the strict environmental and safety regulations, expressing our commitment to green and safe production.

Extrusion Heat Sink Manufacturer

More Than just a Heat Sink Manufacturer

Why Choose PT Heatsink?

Own Factory

91000 square feet primary facility with leading industry equipment, not only we can provide you the competitive price, but also support you with flexibility manufacturing planning to ensure deliver heat sink to you on time.

Experienced Staff

Our engineer has over 10 years experience in heat sink industry, our workers are with us over 8 years, our sales are 24/7 standby to solve your problem.

custom thermal design solutions
Heatsink Design

Our R&D engineers are bachlor degree and finished 500+ heat sink & cooling plate project design, 97% build prototype and 85% introduce to mass production.

Manufacturing Proposal

We always provide design for manufacturability (DFM) to customer when we make a quote based on the drawing.

Logistic Support

We offer courier, sea freight & air freight transportation to deliver your project, ex-works, FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP, whatever inco-terms works for you, we are happy with it.

heat sink manufacturer timely delivery
Certified Factory&QA

ISO9001, ISO14001 & IATF16949 certified, RoHS & REACH compliance. Certified QA and comprehensive quality system to make sure you get the premier quality heat sink.

PT heatsink is the most professional heat sink manufacturer I worked so far, I send my design, they will point out where the problem is and help to improve.
Dyas Kardinal
Dyas Kardinal
Design Engineer
I like PT heatsink very much, they always deliver the heat sink with perfect quality and in time.
Team 4
Puri Maha
PT heatsink is always provide good suggestion to make my parts cost-effective, easy manufacturing yet meet the thermal requirement. And they deliver what they promised, no compromise.
Team 1
Kumto Warming
Inverter parts manager

what our client say about our Works ?

PT heatsink are very cooperative, when a new project begins, I schedule two meetings with them every week to discuss all the open topics , they always prepared the information very well to expediate the meeting time and project schedule.
Team 2
Elsa Verina
Project manager
I worked with PT heatsink decades ago when I started my own business, they are very supportive even my business was small at beginning. Now my business grows a lot with their good price and outstanding quality.
Team 5
Kevin Smith
Whatever complex project I have, or whatever tight tolerance I request, I can always discuss with PT heatsink and reach an agreement, they make my job easier.
Team 6
Harumi Tasya

Trusted by world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

PT heatsink is trusted by small enterprise and world-class brands, welcome you to be a part of them.


Our Commitment to Clients Satisfaction

At PT Heat Sink, your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and constraints, ensuring that our custom heat sink extrusion designs meet your exact specifications. Our customer service team values good customer experience from the initial contact throughout the whole process of ordering to delivery.

Our technical staff interacts directly with clients in order to customize heat sink extrusions according to the thermal and physical outlines of any specific application. Such collaborative approach guarantees design efficiency and functionality of the product.

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