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Our Value

Let’s solve the custom thermal design solutions challanges with expert.


Our vision is to help our customers solve their commercial thermal design challenges by providing inexpensive but quality heat sinks and cooling plates with our extensive expertise and skills.


As we grow, we continue to develop new and more effective technological products while focusing on improving customer satisfaction. This allows us to maintain superior product quality while keeping an eye towards friendly and experienced customer support.

Welcome to PT Heatsink—where innovation meets efficiency in thermal design. As a leader in custom thermal design solutions, our mission is to provide solutions for the most complex challenges of thermal management in the commercial sector. Our solutions are not just smart, they are unique and fit the different needs of our clients with exactness and in-depth knowledge.

Our Smart Custom Thermal Solutions Include

Quality and Reliability

The quality of our product is our utmost priority. Every product undergoes rigorous testing in order to meet the global standard and can withstand commercial use. We always stand for superior quality and reliability of thermal solutions. In order to promote long-term durability every single unit passes through hard operative conditions that imitate years of use, this being done so the items function properly for a completely longer lifespan.

Tailored Design Services

We don’t only design thermal solutions, we innovate them to match exactly your requirements. Our team closely works with each client and creates solutions which are efficient as well as seamless in integration with the client’s existing systems. Our solutions are not just to the specification but also are for the purpose of increasing the performance of a system while reducing energy waste and operational expenditures.

Expert Technical Support

We provide extensive technical assistance throughout the implementation process, ensuring our solutions meet unique project requirements. Our team of experts ensures that the optimal performance and the reliability is present in every step by providing one-on-one guidance to the customers. We are not just limited to installation by providing our clients with system upgrading advice, maintenance information, and any possible solutions that could evolve over time with the changing technologies surrounding the solar system.

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Thermal Design Solutions

Our Successful Heatsink & Cold Plate Design Project

PT heatsink has designed 3000+ heat sink & cold plate projects, below are some of them:

Trusted by world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

PT heatsink is trusted by small enterprise and world-class brands, welcome you to be a part of them.


Our Commitment to Clients Satisfaction

Our relationship with clients doesn’t end after a sale. PT Heatsink remains committed to providing prompt customer care and technical guidance to ensure that the thermal solution still performs satisfactorily and helps in achieving performance goals. Each component is crafted with precision, using sustainable materials that not only improve performance but also contribute to environmental stewardship.

PT heatsink is the most professional heat sink manufacturer I worked so far, I send my design, they will point out where the problem is and help to improve.
Dyas Kardinal
Dyas Kardinal
Design Engineer
I like PT heatsink very much, they always deliver the heat sink with perfect quality and in time.
Team 4
Puri Maha
PT heatsink is always provide good suggestion to make my parts cost-effective, easy manufacturing yet meet the thermal requirement. And they deliver what they promised, no compromise.
Team 1
Kumto Warming
Inverter parts manager

what our client say about our Works ?

PT heatsink are very cooperative, when a new project begins, I schedule two meetings with them every week to discuss all the open topics , they always prepared the information very well to expediate the meeting time and project schedule.
Team 2
Elsa Verina
Project manager
I worked with PT heatsink decades ago when I started my own business, they are very supportive even my business was small at beginning. Now my business grows a lot with their good price and outstanding quality.
Team 5
Kevin Smith
Whatever complex project I have, or whatever tight tolerance I request, I can always discuss with PT heatsink and reach an agreement, they make my job easier.
Team 6
Harumi Tasya

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Our Value

Let’s solve the thermal challenges with expert

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Bachelor degree engineer team with 10+ years experience in heat sink industry, 3K+ design finished successfully.

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91000 square feet primary facility to offer you the competitive price but quality heat sink.

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