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Welcome to PT Heatsink, your gateway to cutting-edge thermal solutions. As a premier custom heat sink manufacturer in China, we specialize in elevating thermal management for medical equipment worldwide. With advanced technology, reliable processes, and exceptional quality systems, PT Heatsink is your go-to choice for ensuring efficiency and reliability in critical medical applications.

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PT heatsink is one of the leading heat sink manufacturer for storage energy in China, we provide the most complete thermal solution with decades of design and manufacturing experiences

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Heat Pipe Heat Sink for Medical Equipment

Discover unparalleled thermal management with our Heat Pipe Heat Sink solutions tailored for Medical Equipment. PT Heatsink’s advanced technology ensures optimal cooling performance, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of medical devices.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation

Our Heat Pipe Heat Sinks efficiently transfer heat, ensuring optimal operating temperatures for sensitive medical equipment. This results in extended lifespan and consistent performance.


By utilizing heat pipes, we streamline electrical cooling, reducing the need for energy-intensive air conditioning. This not only cuts operational costs but also aligns with eco-friendly practices, making it a sustainable choice.

Space Optimization

Compact yet powerful, our Heat Pipe Heat Sinks provide high thermal conductivity in limited spaces, a critical factor in medical equipment design. This ensures the efficient use of space without compromising on cooling performance.

PT Heatsink’s Heat Pipe Heat Sink solutions for Medical Equipment offer superior heat dissipation, cost-efficiency, and space optimization. Elevate your medical devices’ thermal management with our advanced technology, ensuring reliability and longevity in critical applications.


Extrusion Heat Sink for Medical Equipment

Elevate the thermal management of your medical equipment with PT Heatsink’s Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink solutions. Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloys like 6061 and 6063, our extrusion heatsinks provide a cost-effective and efficient cooling solution for critical medical applications.

Our extrusion heat sinks stand out as the most cost-effective solution, ensuring efficient heat dissipation for medical equipment. This cost efficiency allows you to allocate resources to other crucial aspects of your projects.

Designed for forced convection, our extruded heat sinks guarantee the best thermal performance. The use of A6063 with high thermal conductivity (209 W/m-K) ensures that your medical devices operate at optimal temperatures, promoting reliability and longevity.

Enjoy the flexibility of length customization without the need for new tooling. This adaptability allows our extrusion heat sinks to seamlessly integrate into diverse medical equipment designs, optimizing both form and function.

PT Heatsink’s Extrusion Heat Sink solutions for Medical Equipment offer a trifecta of benefits: cost-effective cooling, optimal thermal performance, and flexible design options. With our extensive experience, state-of-the-art facilities, and certified quality assurance, we are your trusted partner in ensuring top-notch thermal management for critical medical applications.

Skived Heat Sink for Medical Equipment

Unlock superior thermal efficiency for your medical equipment with PT Heatsink’s Skived Heat Sink solutions. As a trusted manufacturer with over two decades of experience, we offer innovative skived fin heat sinks that provide high fin density and exceptional thermal performance.

The skived fin design ensures a high aspect ratio, maximizing surface area for optimal heat dissipation. This feature is critical in maintaining the temperature of sensitive components in medical equipment.

Our skived heat sinks boast thin fin technology, allowing for efficient cooling in applications with limited space. This is particularly advantageous in medical devices where space optimization is paramount.

With non or low tooling costs, skived heat sinks are easy and inexpensive to prototype. This cost-effectiveness is crucial during the development phase of medical equipment, allowing for iterative improvements without breaking the budget.

PT Heatsink’s Skived Heat Sink solutions for Medical Equipment offer a trifecta of advantages: high aspect ratio for superior heat dissipation, thin fin technology for space optimization, and cost-effective prototyping. Trust our over 20 years of expertise to deliver innovative thermal solutions, ensuring the reliability and longevity of your critical medical devices.

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Liquid Cooling Plate for Medical Equipment

Revolutionize the thermal management of your medical equipment with PT Heatsink’s Liquid Cooling Plate solutions. Specifically designed for high-power applications, our custom cold plates ensure superior performance, making them an ideal choice for critical medical devices.

Liquid cooling plates excel in dissipating heat from high-power medical equipment, ensuring efficient operation even in demanding conditions. This capability is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of sensitive medical devices.

Whether it’s lasers, wind power generation, transportation, or military electronics, our liquid cooling plates offer versatile and superior cooling solutions. This adaptability makes them a go-to choice for various medical applications with diverse thermal requirements.

Liquid cooling plates outperform traditional air-cooled solutions, particularly in high-watt density applications. This translates to enhanced reliability and consistent performance for your medical equipment, critical for the healthcare industry’s stringent standards.

PT Heatsink’s Liquid Cooling Plates revolutionize thermal management for medical equipment. With efficient high-watt density cooling, versatile applications, and superior performance over air-cooled alternatives, our custom plates ensure optimal functioning and longevity. Trust our expertise to elevate your medical equipment’s thermal efficiency.

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custom thermal design solutions
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ISO9001, ISO14001 & IATF16949 certified, RoHS & REACH compliance.


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